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Puma steps up with a self-lacing shoe

February 28th, 2019 / By: / What's New?

Puma has announced its first self-lacing shoe in the Fi (Fit intelligence) collection. The shoe is intended for workouts and light running. A micromotor powers the cable system that laces the shoe. The motor is activated with the swipe of a finger on the module located in the tongue of the shoe.

The sneaker’s smart sensing capability learns the shape of the foot and adapts the fit to the individual. Athletes can also monitor, adjust and fine-tune fit through a smart phone app and make on-the-fly adjustments with an Apple watch.

The training footwear features breathable uppers, an industrial-grade fiber support system designed for hold, and a forefoot lockdown band. The shoe is powered up via a wireless charging mat.

The first Fi shoe will be available in 2020. More information about being part of Puma’s beta testing of Fi can be found through Pumatrac, the company’s training app.